Mini Chocolate Doughnuts


One of my jobs is working in a grocery store.  I work early mornings, and lately I have not been able to resist the tempting call of the bakery department.  I try to resist, tell myself I will have some fruit or oatmeal .  Then the smells of those freshly fried and chocolate covered old fashions start wafting through the store like a siren calling me to my death addiction.  I’m always a little disappointed when I eat one because they never seem to be as good as they smell.  They mostly just taste like sweet, sweet sugar.  Yet, the next day, that smell lures me in to buy another, I just can’t help myself….

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Garlic Olive Oil Pasta with Parsley and Toasted Pine Nuts

Love, happiness, security, I want it all, but I would settle for more of this pasta.  Seriously.  I would sell my soul if I had to, to keep this pasta in my life.  I know I can be a bit dramatic about food on occasion, but people, I’m telling you, this is true love.


Almond Cheese

Here in my neck of the woods, it is starting to look a lot like spring.   All around town trees of every variety are blooming in an array of colors.  I live in almond country, and the rows and rows of beautiful pink and white topped tees remind me of cotton candy.  The plum trees…

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Black Eyed Pea Chili with Corn Fritters


Even though it has been a delightful 73 degrees all week here in Northern Cali (It’s February??), I have been so into warming comfort food lately.  I came across these beautiful black eyed peas on sale and I have been eating them all week.  I made a big batch at the beginning of the week an stuck them in the fridge.  That way, I can grab a scoop out to go with whatever I am eating.  They contain lots of protein, along with vitamin K, A, and B vitamins.  …

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