Apple Butter



This crock pot apple butter is so, so easy!! It is also so, so delicious!  I did all the prep in the evening (5 minutes of prep), and in the morning my crock pot was filled with nice warm apple butter to spread on some English muffins!  I have been eating it for a snack every chance I get.  Its like crack I tell ya! Its so addictive! Not that I know what crack is like.  I mean I’m just using a metaphor here people.  I’m an addict for sure, but not for crack.  Food addict, yes.  Boots, definitely.  Puppies, yup.  Coffee, for sure.  Awesome Canadian Syfy, you betcha.  Now you can add this apple butter to the list.  There is no rehab that will cure this addiction. Continue reading →

Triple Berry Waffles



I woke up this morning thinking about berries and waffles.  These thoughts were probably the only thing that could get me out of that nice, warm, cozy, bed, and also the fact that I had two puppy noses in my face at the first sign of movement.  It is a cold rainy day here in northern Cali.  I’m not complaining though.  We need the rain desperately here as we have been terribly drought stricken.  Did you know California produces half the countries fruits, vegetables, and nuts? You’re Welcome.  So wish us rain!

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French Onion Soup



It funny how our food tastes change as we grow, especially from child to adult.  I read somewhere that we have many more taste buds when we are children, so tastes are magnified compared to when we are adults.  As we grow to adulthood, our taste buds dull, leading us to lean toward stronger flavored foods. This would explain why as kids, most of us shy away from strong tasting foods like onions.  Onions are a food I didn’t care for as a child, and now I cannot get enough of them!  I always have a big bag of yellow onions on hand, and they are included in many, many recipes.  This recipe presents onions as the star of the show.  The combination of the sweet caramelized onions with some melted vegan cheese on top is a perfect comfort food an a cool evening. Continue reading →

Holday Place Cards/Ornaments



I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I have a super easy fun project I thought I would share with you today. These place card/ornaments are something you can make in less than an hour.  You can use them as a place card on your holiday table, and then your guests can take them home and hang them on their Christmas tree!  There are a million different shapes, colors, and creative ways you could make these.  I just used some cute cookie cutter I found at Ikea a few years ago too cut out some animals, then decorated them simply with some stamps, and a little paint.

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14 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes


I had a lot of fun the last couple weeks making some of my favorite Thanksgiving Recipes so I could share them with you! I had all my Thanksgiving treats early!  Today I thought I would do a roundup of all my recipes that would be a great addition to any Thanksgiving table, whether you are vegetarian or omnivore!  I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you are all eating well!

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Pumpkin Pie with Vegan Whip Cream


PumpkinPies3 - Copy

Oh, pumpkin pie, how I love thee!  If there were anything to represent fall and Thanksgiving in the United States, it would be pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin is native to North America, with the oldest pumpkin related seeds found in Mexico from 7000 to 5500 BCE (thank you Wikipedia).  I think I eat more pumpkin pie than any other food from now until Christmas.  By New Years, I will most likely be more pumpkin pie than human girl.

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Herbed Vegetarian Gravy


I went to pick up some fresh herbs from the grocery store, and I ended up finding a potted herb garden with rosemary, thyme, and sage, all in one pot.  It cost about the same as buying all the herbs separately, with the bonus that it will keep growing and have me set up for fresh herbs all winter. Score!  It also smells amazing, and makes a great centerpiece for the table.  I used all three herbs to make a super herby vegetarian gravy to pile atop all my thanksgiving favorites like my cornbread and quinoa stuffing, and my garlic mashed potatoes!

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Cornbread and Quinoa Dressing/Stuffing


Cornbread and Quinoa Stuffing

We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States, and for many people, myself included, Thanksgiving is more a celebration of food, and family, and friends, than the celebration of any story of pilgrims and native peoples (especially with the controversial historical “facts” of the first Thanksgiving) . Thanksgiving may be an American holiday, but I know people all over the world celebrate their own version of this thankful food filled holiday. Thanksgiving is for many more of a harvest festival to appreciate local and seasonal foods, a chance to get together with loved ones, and a reason to eat drink and be happy! It’s also a great time of year to help those less fortunate than you.   Of course this type of celebration is not new, as harvest festivals of many types have been celebrated around the world for thousands of years! Continue reading →

Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting



Cream cheese is my bad boy vise of life.  I know its not good for me, its bound to break my heart (or stomach), and even though afterwards I regret my bad decision, I’m already thinking about when I can do it again.  I just can’t help myself! You know what I’m talking about ladies. I just get so caught up in that sweet and creamy promise of heaven, and then there is no turning back.  Whether it’s slathered on a bagel, made into a cheesecake, or piled atop something as a frosting, I can’t resist.   Of course, I try not to eat dairy these days, and even though there are non dairy cream cheeses out there, they are not really healthy.  So when I decide to splurge I go all out.  Why not!  Once I found out the secret to homemade vegan cream cheese, I was happy because I knew any time I needed a fix of that bad boy food, I can have it (with only a little guilt)!

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Rosemary Skillet Rolls

Rosemary Skillet Rolls (7)

Its a cold rainy day in my neck of the woods.  I am embracing the cool weather this year.  The rain too.  After the long very hot summer, and dry spring and winter last year, I’m totally digging wet and cold.  I have been trying to figure out at what point I started liking the cooler wet weather so much.  I have always been a warm weather, summer sunshine girl most of my life.

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