Favorite Fall Recipes


Fall is officially here! At least in my area of the planet. Time for long walks to admire the changing colors, apple picking, and pumpkin flavored everything. I adore the fall season where I live. and I can’t wait to line my kitchen window with every weird shaped tiny pumpkin I can find.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite fall recipes to get this Autumn season kicked off. I hope you enjoy them whatever season you are in. What fall recipes are you excited for?…

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Sweet and Smoky Corn and Potato Chowder

After a few weeks of vacationing (yay!) followed by a week of cold/flu bug (yuck!), my pantry is looking a little on the empty side.  This, along with the transition coming up from summer to fall, seemed like to good time to clean out the freezer and pantry and asses the situation.  I don’t know…

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Roasted Carrots and Fennel

We have all heard the saying, “It’s the simple things in life”.  Those moments laughing with your favorite people.  The amazing feeling of a cool ocean breeze.  Throwing a ball for your puppy friends. Reading a good book in a happy place.  These things are different for everyone but they all have a common thread,…

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Garden Wraps with Peanut Dressing

garden wraps5

Hellllloooooo!!!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic July.  Its almost over, and I have to say I am already counting the days until Autumn.  As I get older, my body and mind just can’t deal with the hot summers where I live.  I tend to get really lazy when its super hot, and I have definitely been lazy lately.  I haven’t been excising regularly (its hot!!!!) and I tend to eat badly in the summer because I don’t want to turn on my stove.  I eat a lot of snacks, and ice cream, and post up on the couch in my air conditioned living room.  This last week  gave myself a little kick in the ass (not literally since I’m too out of shape and can barely touch my toes), and I stocked up on all my favorite veggies, refused to buy any of my vises (oh white pasta and bread I will miss you, but you are so bad for me!), and I started up yoga again with Adriene. …

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